Pump Sena 1CV


  • The Sena AstralPool is a self-priming pool pump that offers quality at the best price.

  • Maximum flow and low noise level.

  • Made of technical plastics with a 2 litre capacity prefilter, with a transparent lid that allows the inside of the prefilter to be visualised.

  • Available from 1/3 HP to 1.25 HP with single-phase motors, and from 3/4 HP to 1.25 HP with three-phase motors.

  • Single-phase: 230 V II (common in domestic electrical installations) / Three-phase: 230/400 V III. If you are unsure, consult your electrician.

Sales price 325,00 €
  • Single-phase 1 HP pool pump.
  • Flow rate 12.800 l/h 0,63 Kw 230 V.

Pump Sena

The Sena atralpool pumps work at full capacity with an optimum sound level for all models, so that the perceived sound effects in the pool environment are minimised. They incorporate the bayonet fitting in their pre-filter cover, which allows the pump pre-filter to be closed in one single movement in four different positions.

The cross configuration of the pre-filter cover allows any tool to be used to open or close it.

Technical characteristics:

  • GS marking. Motor protection IP-55, insulation. Class F, AISI-316 in all those parts in direct contact with water.
  • Connections to pipes by means of a 50 mm diameter glueing sleeve.
  • Flow rates in l/h at 6 m.c.a. for 0.33 HP, at 8 m.c.a. for 0.5 HP and at 10 m.c.a. for the rest of the range. 3,000 rpm
  • Pump screws in stainless steel.
  • Connection fittings for suction and delivery of 1.5″ for Ø 50mm sleeve. - Mechanical seal manufactured in AISI 316. Impeller in NORYL (R).
  • Pump body and diffuser made of polypropylene with mineral charge and fibreglass.
  • Class F insulation and IP-55 motor protection allow them to work in environments with high humidity and high temperatures.
  • Self-priming capacity above 2 m.
  • Standard range at 50 Hz, also available at 60 Hz.

Description of the pump components:




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