Pump Victoria Plus 3/4CV


  • AstralPool range of high performance pumps.

  • The Victoria Plus pump offers a sober and robust design, with low noise level operation due to the rubber supports on which it is supported.

  • New generation pre-filter cover nut, easy to handle.

  • Motor protection IP-55.

  • Large capacity pre-filter basket.

  • Available in models from 1/2 HP to 3 HP, with single-phase or three-phase motors.

  • Single-phase: 230 V II (common in domestic electrical installations) / Three-phase: 230/400 V III. If you are unsure, consult your electrician.

Sales price 320,00 €


  • The Victoria Plus pool pump generation is the result of the merger of the Astral Victoria and Sprint pumps. With this range AstralPool provides a high performance pump where its construction, using first quality technical plastics and stainless steel, guarantees its high performance.
  • It is a single-stage centrifugal pump with self-priming capacity with single-phase or three-phase motors ranging from 1/2 HP to 3 HP. The new generation of Victoria Plus Euro Voltage motors allows the pump motor to work with a voltage range of +/-10% of the motor nominal voltage, i.e. in the event of voltage rises and falls up to a maximum of 10%, the pump motor will work normally.
  • All pump parts are made of technical plastics, thus avoiding any corrosion problems.
  • The diffuser body is made of Luranyl® and the impeller is made of Noryl®' with fiberglass loading giving them a high level of strength and finish.
  • Mechanical seal in stainless steel AISI-316 and silicon carbide.
  • Class F insulation and IP-55 motor protection. The IP-55 protection prevents solid particles and liquids from entering the engine and the class F insulation of the engine makes it possible to install the Victoria Plus range in environments with high levels of humidity and high temperatures.
  • Bearings protected against the effects of moisture.
  • Self-priming up to 2 meters.
  • Pump body screws in stainless steel.


  • High capacity prefilter. Victoria pumps are equipped with a large capacity pre-filter (4.7 litres) to avoid frequent cleaning. It allows the retention of solid elements, thus avoiding their entry into the hydraulic part of the pump.
  • New pre-filter cover. The Victoria Plus pumps have a new crosshead pre-filter cover that is fully compatible with the Astral Sprint and Victoria pumps.
  • New generation nut. Easy-to-operate pre-filter cover nut, using the opening and closing key incorporated in the pump.
  • Better pump support. The feet of the Victoria and Sprint range have been combined to improve pump and motor support when required.

Performance curves

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