The water has to be moving so that it can be cleaned.

The suction lines are the skimmer (12), the bottom outlet (14) and the sweeper (15).

The pressure pipes are the impellers (16). The pump remains for the movement of the water. It sucks the water from the suction pipe and returns it to the low pressure pipe to the pool: In fact, there is no physical cleaning next to the water circulation. This is normally done from the sand filter. Water is pressed through the sand and dirt is retained. Clean water returns to the pool.

There is another possibility of filtration which is the cartridge filter. The material of this filter is paper. The cleaning of the cartridge filter is larger than the cleaning of the sand filter. Since our water is not made for bathing, we have to remove the dirt so that the water is good for the skin.

In addition, water filtration and disinfection are missing. It also fails to regulate the amount of


The amount of pH is the most important amount of water.

What is to be respected?

The physical preparation of the water must be guaranteed, meaning that the filter and the pump must be in relation to each other. They must also be similar to the volume of the pool.


↨Bomba: 14 m3/H

↨Filtro: 14 m3/H


Water volume: 8 x 4 x 1,50m = 48 m3 water ►►►►►:14 = ± 4 Hours

In ± 4 hours, the volume of water is filtered →→→→→buena physical cleaning


Water volume: 10 x 5 x 2m = 100 m3 water ►►►►►:14 = ± 7 Hours

More than 7 hours of time from filtración→→→→→mala physical cleaning

But, with a water temperature of 26º, you should filter the entire volume of water twice a day, to get the good water. You can't do that much filtration.

Apart from physical cleaning, chemical cleaning is also important. For this purpose, a pH value of between 7.0 and 7.4 is required. The amount of pH shows whether the water is acidic, neutral and basic.

PH level: 0→= acid

7= neutral

7→ = basic

If the amount of PH is well set, then disinfection is easier, because less chemistry is needed for the same result.

The possibilities for disinfecting water are:



Salt electrolysis







The position of the six-way valve only changes if the pump is switched off.


This is the normal position of the multivalve.

From this position the water is pressed through the sand and returned clean to the pool.


In this position, dirt is removed from the sand. The water goes to the drain: maximum 3→ minutes until the clear water is visible through the filter.


This position brings the sand into position and removes dirt from the tubes (±20 seconds).


The water circulates without passing through the filter and is needed for example to distribute chemicals in the water, which should not reach the sand filter.


Empty the pool.


The water can't circulate.


The steps of the work

First you look at the skimmer baskets, the pump and clean it.

Vacuuming from the pool

1º) You have to set the switch to the manual position.

2º) Close the bottom so that it has more suction force. If there is too much suction force, leave the bottom a little open.

3º) Fill the floating tube with water before connecting it, so that the pump does not suck air. You can also put the hose into the injector for filling.

4º) Put the hose in the skimmer or in the suction point on the side of the pool.

5º) And now clean the pool slowly with the bottom cleaner.

Cleaning the sand filter

After cleaning the pool, the filter must be washed (at least once a week).


- You must move the six-way valve of the sand filter when the pump is turned off.

- Turn off the pump.

- Switches the six-way valve to the "washed" position.

- Turn the pump on, leave it on until the water is very clear (±3→ minutes)

- Switches the six-way valve to the "rinse" position. Turn the pump on, leave it on for 30 seconds or 1 minute. This position puts the sand in suspension and cleans the pipes.

Then set the six-way valve to the "filtration" position and set the switch to "automatic".

Our concern is to provide you with healthy water and to make it fit.

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