Heat Pump

Astralpool Pro Elyo Inverboost NN Heat Pump

The heat pump for swimming pools and outdoor installations with energy classification "A", Inverter technology and Fluidra Connect Compatible, is specially designed to obtain the best performance in the most adverse weather conditions.

In addition, it works at the optimum point for greater energy efficiency, quieter operation and can be used throughout the year.

Technical Characteristics
Energy classification "A", allows energy savings of up to 33% compared to class "C".
Inverter technology, which automatically varies the power to make the heat pump work at the optimum point.
Fluidra Connect Compatible, Modbus connection for connection to the Fluidra Connect platform.
Soft Start, to avoid voltage peaks when starting the compressor.
Minimum outside working air temperature -20ºC, ready to work in cold climates.
Defrosting by cycle inversion, which allows faster defrosting.
Heat and cold, thanks to the 4-way valve.
Electronic expansion valve, to improve COP performance.
Refrigerant fluid R410a, free of ozone depleting agents.
Housing made of ABS plastic, which prevents corrosion.
Titanium exchanger, with twisted-tube for improved performance.
High and low pressure flow switch and pressure switches.
What is Fluidra Connect?
Fluidra Connect is the intelligent solution that allows the end user and/or professional to control the pool remotely. Giving you the possibility of diagnosing, managing and controlling all your installations from a computer screen.