Millenium filter D. 560

- The Millennium Filter is a sand filter manufactured by AstralPool, in this case with side outlet.
- Manufactured in one piece plastic material without joints by blowing process.
- Opening of the filter cover by means of a strap system.
- Equipped with pressure gauge and integrated manual air and water purges.
- Ivory color.
- Selector valve included.
- Maximum working pressure: 2.5 kg/cm² (Ø380, Ø430, Ø480), and 2 kg/cm² (Ø560, Ø660).


  • Sand filter with side outlet. Also available with top outlet (top) for your convenience and available space for your location.
  • Filter body made of durable plastic and resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents. Made for outdoor work.
  • Equipped as standard with a new generation 6+1-way selector valve from AstralPool with bayonet lock for filtration, flushing, rinsing, recirculation, emptying, closing and winterising operations (all inputs and outputs are connected).
  • Transparent lid for easy visual inspection and access to the inside of the filter in the case of a side valve.
  • Interior upper diffuser to ensure a good distribution of water over the filter bed.
  • 1½" inner fitting for continuous performance.
  • Manual air venting to vent air from inside the filter if necessary.
  • It integrates a manual water purge in the filter body for easy drainage of the filter without loss of sand.
  • In its lower part, it incorporates a collector by means of arms to ensure a balanced flow and the washing of the filter.
  • Pressure gauge for filter flushing control.


  • Attractive design. Not only is it important that the filter is reliable and has excellent performance, but AstralPool's R&D teams are also concerned about achieving an attractive design without losing any of its quality. Its shapes, feel and colours are the result of many tests and the result is an excellent product with a very attractive design.
  • Excellent performance and reliability. Millennium filters are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. They can filter from 5,500 l/h to 12,000 l/h with a filtration rate of 50 m3/h/m2. They are also equipped with AstralPool's 6+1 position selector valve which allows filtering, washing, rinsing, recirculating, emptying and closing the filter. A valve so reliable that it is used with most AstralPool filters.