Lumiplus S-Lim 1.11 Multicolor Projector

S-LIM 1.11 LED projector with small dimensions and a flat front design for better light distribution. Compatible with 27818 modulator. No niche required for proper installation.
Power Consumption White/RGB: 16W (24 VA) / 27W (37 VA)
Shelf life L70 - 50.000h
Sales price 415,00 €

To properly illuminate a pool is recommended:
Install one LumiPlus S-LIM 1.11 light bulb per 20 m2 of water surface.
Valid recommendations for light-coloured swimming pools.
For dark coloured or stainless steel swimming pools, it is recommended to oversize the projector proportion per m2.

Rated voltage: 12 V AC
Protection: IPX8
Cable: 2.5m. H07RN-F 2×1.5 mm2
It must always be installed submerged in water.


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