Automatic Cover

The AstralPool pool enclosure models
We have several models available to cover the equipment needs of both new and existing pools.

The underwater models Roussillon, Conflent and Ceret, the elevated models Carlit and Vallespir and the elevated models with Capcir and Narbonne benches. And now, AstralPool also offers solar roofs made up of the Carlit solar overhead model and the Narbonne solar bench overhead model.

It's all advantages

AstralPool continuously offers the most innovative products in the field of safety. In this line, the automatic covers have been developed for
swimming pool under the requirements of the French standard NF P90-308 which guarantees maximum safety for users.

AstralPool's automatic covers cover the entire pool and are easily retracted or extended thanks to the motorised roller they incorporate. Only one key need be activated to perform this function. Manufactured with rigid slats available in various colours, their design and composition allows to obtain a
floating cover that covers the entire sheet of water and is a very effective thermal insulator.

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