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Taking care of your pool is important, but if done correctly, it doesn't require much effort.

First of all, at ABC Pool and being the «Pool Doctors», our advice is that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, we help our customers prepare and manage their pools, thus avoiding the need to «intervene» when things go wrong.

We also advise our clients on the use of the latest technology to help them run the pools efficiently and effortlessly.

Why ABC Pool?

  • One-stop shop for all equipment and supplies
  • Tailor-made solutions for specific requirements or conditions
  • Systems for efficient and cost-effective operation of swimming pools
  • State-of-the-art products from leading manufacturers
  • Full range of consumables and accessories
Salt is being added to a pool with an electrolysis system
A pool prepared for the winter


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Every pool needs a filtration and pumping system. The trick is to make that system work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while optional features will complement your installation and will help you enjoy your pool even more.

We offer fixed and variable speed pumps of various output power levels which are suitable for all types of pools (concrete, «Liner», wooden, etc.) and all types of water treatment systems (chlorine, salt, etc.).

Variable speed pumps will help reduce energy consumption considerably.

They can be programmed to run at higher speeds to help clean the pool surface for a short period of time, and then filter the water for hours at a very low speed.

These pumps also drastically reduce the noise generated by pool equipment.

We offer three types of filters that offer different levels of filtration:

Sand or glass filters: these are the most common and offer medium filtration (40 to 50 microns).

Cartridge filters: these have the advantage of being compact and offering a higher level of filtration (15 to 20 microns).

Filters with diatom powder: these provide the highest level of filtration (2 to 5 microns).

For small pools or tight equipment rooms, we offer combined pump and filter solutions.

For a typical application and to achieve good pool water quality, we recommend a sand or glass filter from AstraPool or QP.

In our showroom you will find all kinds of equipment for your pool. The main categories are:

  • Skimmers and bottom sinks
  • Selector valves
  • Turbojets
  • Showers and waterfalls
  • LED lights
  • Ladders
  • Equipment enclosures

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Why automate the operation of your pool? So that it is always in the best condition and you can enjoy it to the fullest without having to spend time taking care of it.

We have the latest solutions for water treatment including salt electrolysis which is a very popular upgrade option for existing pools.

We sell and install a wide range of products including:

  • Saline chlorinators
  • Chemical regulators
  • Chemical dispensers

We are an authorized distributor of Hayward, the market-leading supplier of pool equipment.

Hayward products offer excellent value for money and are very reliable, ensuring trouble-free operation for many years.

Robots and cleaners have become very popular in recent years.

The latest models offer full autonomy, remote control, high level of filtration and dirt removal and can be battery-operated.

  • Pool robots
  • Pool robots are autonomous cleaning devices. Because they operate at low voltage, pool robots do not pose any risk and are very easy to maintain. Sophisticated guidance systems allow robots to vacuum up entire pools. Dirt is collected in bags that need to be emptied.
  • Automated hoovers
  • These operate similarly to manual hoovers and they use suction to collect the dirt. Automated pool hoovers can be installed in the skimmer or in the suction socket. They can follow a pre-programmed pattern or move randomly. The dirt is sent directly to the pool filtration system. Pool hoovers are an economical and reliable solution.

To enjoy their pools for most of the year, many customers install heat pumps that provide a very economical means of maintaining a comfortable water temperature even during the colder months.

A heat pump is a machine that transfers heat from the air to the pool water using a heat exchanger and a compressor.

The most recent and efficient products are of the «Full Inverter» type that allows you to adjust the power levels according to the weather conditions and the amount and temperature of the water in the pool.

We offer different products, including the A+++ category, which use environmentally friendly R32 gas and are virtually silent in normal operation.

Pool covers

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Why install a cover on your pool? For safety, to keep the water warmer, to slow down water evaporation and to keep the pool cleaner.

The covers can be a simple tarpaulin-type or a fixed or extendable structure under which you can walk that allows to use the pool all year round.

See more examples of pool covers in our gallery.

Since this model limits the deposit of debris (insects, leaves, etc.), it is a perfect solution that helps minimise the maintenance effort.

Pool «persianas» also reduce water evaporation, help maintain water temperature and provide protection for children and pets.

We offer manual and motorised blinds from well-known Spanish and international manufacturers.

  • Thermal covers help maintain or even increase water temperature
  • These covers are also used to protect the pool during the winter months
  • Thermal covers can be supplied with additional safety features, such as aluminium bars that add strength and protection

Low enclosures will keep the pool water clean, warm and in perfect condition. The models available are with and without a rail and are supplied in standardised sizes, but we also offer customised solutions.

The low enclosures have a simple opening, without the need to disassemble or store the parts of the structure. However, a telescopic opening system can be installed to allow the structure to be folded and easily stowed away.

In the case of the high enclosures the structure is built using fixed or telescopic extrusions. The enclosures are tall enough to stand up inside the enclosure comfortably. These enclosures can be insulated to allow to keep the water in the pool warm even during winter months.

Pool products

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For your pool to work perfectly, it needs to be treated with the right products.

We have the full range of products to maintain your pool both during the summer months and in the low season.

For chemicals, we recommend the professional line of Quat, the renowned Spanish supplier.

  • Slow dissolving chlorine
  • Multi-effect products
  • Flocculants
  • Cleaning products
  • Products to maintain the chemical balance of water
  • Other treatments

We offer all kinds of useful accessories to keep the pool in perfect condition. Call us or visit us to see the range and options available.

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